ALOHA Stands for Abacus Learning Of Higher Arithmetic

Adopted and developed the abacus computational method from China and Taiwan, Mr. Loh Mun Sung founded ALOHA in 1993, having the objective of introducing the arithmetic programs to, likewise benefiting, the children of Malaysia ages 5 to 13.

In its more than 20 years of experience, ALOHA has expanded to 4,000 centres worldwide, only proving its effective program, along this line, making ALOHA the leading developmental program for children’s mental arithmetic learning.

ALOHA Mental Arithmetic uses the abacus as the only element in teaching the “basic concept” in mental calculation. Training the child with this ancient method enhances their skill in mind computing.

Advised by a panel of experts in various fields in mathematics, ALOHA has a qualified academic board with renowned professors and teachers who are trained to provide quality education that is fun and accurate


The ALOHA Mental Arithmetic concept is based on the use of ancient abacus – an essential tool that promotes not only the ability to calculate large numerical calculations in the mind with ease and speed, but also provides the essentials for child’s brain development in its formative years. It is a foothold, which must be treading in the ladder of life.

Our vision is to empower students from 5 to 13 years of age to grow to success with the help of this wonderful, innovative, comprehensive, easily accessible and yet affordable concept.


"To create a network of ALOHA Learning Centres across the globe providing a quality deliverance of the ALOHA methodology to the students through this novel and holistic whole brain development program aimed to help them succeed by creating a strong academic foundation for life."

We are a  results-oriented program designed for children that contributes to their brain development in a fun way.


ALOHA enhances the intelligence of children thanks to an educational program  based on three key tools:

Students learn to perform arithmetic operations with the help of the abacus, one of the oldest calculation tools. 

With practice, children learn to visualize the abacus in thier mind and use this mental image to calculate, performing complex arithmetic opetions using only the brain.

ALOHA classes include

educational games and

interactive activities for children to have fun while developing both brains, their capacity for concentration, creativity, photographic memory

and overall self confidence.



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