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1. What are the basic infrastructure requirements of an ALOHA center?

  • A space with a minimum area of 20 sq. meters (self-owned or rented) in a highly visible location and easily accessible area in the country. 

2. What are the basic financial costs involved in running an ALOHA center?

  • To start an ALOHA center, you will need to have sufficient funds to start. The funds shall cover expenses for:

    • Licensing Fee

    • Infrastructure 

    • Furniture and fixtures

    • Initial supplies

    • Operating expenses such as rental, staff 

    • Marketing, etc.​​​

3. What are the terms of ALOHA Franchise?

  • The franchisee will have to make an initial payment of the license fee to commence operations.


4. How long is the contract duration?

  • 5 years franchise agreement, renewable for another 5 years. For a total of 10 years.


5. What are the support offered by ALOHA International to its franchisees?


  • Pre-opening Support

  1.    License to use the ALOHA trademark, name, and logo

  2.    Start-up business guidance

  3.    Site selection and evaluation assistance

  4.    Franchise operations manual and system​

  • Continuing Support

  1.    ​Business mentoring on the various aspects of ALOHA operations

  2.    Updates on modules, methods, programs, services or promotions

  • Marketing Support

  1.   Digital marketing​


6. Do you have an ongoing promo?

  • ALOHA is now offering P60,000.00 licensing fee. This promo is only available for this year.


7. What are the requirements for franchising?

  • Then you may just be who ALOHA is looking for!  We invite you to attend our business presentation and submit to us the following:

    • Letter of Intent

    • Completely filled-up Franchise Application form

    • Proposed Location

    • Resume with Colored ID Photo

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