1. What are the basic infrastructure requirements to do the ALOHA Franchise Business?

  • To qualify to be an ALOHA Franchisee you will need to possess a center space of a minimum area of 35 sq. meters (self-owned or rented) in a central commercial and easily accessible area in a major city of the country. The premises should also have independent access, attached toilet facilities and should be well ventilated with a good visibility and frontage. The office must be fully automated with computer systems, Internet, telephones, fax, etc. You must also have an existing manpower to cater to all the Franchisee demands in the country and must possess the ability and capability to employ staff as and when the need arises.​

3. What are the terms of ALOHA Franchise?

  • The franchisee will have to make an initial payment of the license fee to commence operations.


4. How long is the contract duration?

  • 5 years franchise agreement renewable for 2 terms with 3 years each. For a total of 11 years.


5. What are the support offered by ALOHA International to its franchisees?


  • Franchise orientation program (FOP) – An orientation program will be held for training the franchisee and its key personnel at the Franchisor’s corporate office. The FOP aims at helping the franchisee understand the ALOHA business and transferring the knowledge ware gathered by the Franchisor.

  • Technical training & counselors training – Technical training will be imparted to trainers on an ongoing basis along with the specially developed training module for counselors on admission prospecting.

  • Manuals – Franchisee will be provided with a business implementation manual, which will help the Franchisee to run the ALOHA business as per the standard operating procedures prescribed for the conduct of the business.

  • Supply of Materials – ALOHA will provide the required material to run the program in the country.

  • Technical training and ongoing support – The technical training for the program will be provided both in the printed and soft copy form along with training aids. The benefits of ongoing research and development will be transferred to the franchisee to keep abreast of the curriculum development.

  • Marketing support – The Franchisor will provide requisite marketing support to propagate the various programs at ALOHA through regional/national platforms. Sales & Marketing tools (brochures, leaflets, posters, audio visual aids) as and when developed will be sent as per policy.

6. Do you have an ongoing promo?

  • ALOHA is now offering FREE Level 1 and 2 training for coaches worth 100,000.00. This promo is only available for this year.


7. What are the requirements for franchising?

  • Then you may just be who ALOHA is looking for!  We invite you to attend our business presentation and submit to us the following:

    • Letter of Intent

    • Proposed Location

    • Resume with Colored ID Photo

2. What are the basic financial costs involved in running an ALOHA franchise?

  • To start an ALOHA franchise, you will need to have sufficient funds to start your business. The funds shall cover expenses for:

    • Infrastructure and ambience

    • Furniture and fittings

    • Equipment and educational material

    • Licensing Fee

    • Pre-operating expenses such as rental, staff

    • Marketing, etc.​​​