What is ALOHA Mental Arithmetic?

Answer:ALOHA is a brain development program designed exclusively for children 5-13 years old. ALOHA is a form of training which enhances a child’s ability to do calculation without the aid of some instruments such as calculator, computer or other gadgets. A child will be able to calculate quickly and correctly using mental power no matter how high the numbers are.

What is Mental Arithmetic?

Answer:A traditional way of calculations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, square root, etc. that carried out in the mind only rather than paper or using a device such as a calculator or without writing down any numbers.

Why does ALOHA use mental arithmetic and abacus as media for brain development?

Answer:The abacus is first used as the key element in teaching mental arithmetic to teach children basic concepts of mind math and improve both sides of the brain. Students learn to perform arithmetic operations with the help of the abacus, one of the oldest calculation tools.

Why should my child develop strong mental math skills when there are calculators and computers to use for computing numbers?

Answer:Mental Math skills help the child perform math operations with speed and accuracy without the abacus, calculators, computers or pencil and paper. It will process to stimulate memory, imagination and concentration and abstract. ALOHA kids well rounded and academically strong since we encourage the development of the brain, especially the right hemisphere of brighter and healthier brain.

What are the benefits of getting into ALOHA brain development program?

Answer:ALOHA seeks a balance, leading to the development of the whole brain and it is not only learning to calculate with an abacus. It’s enjoying the classes by participating in fun brain exercising activities and games.

ALOHA works on the main core brain areas and contributes to enhance the following skills and abilities.

Speed and accuracy

Mental Visualizations

Sense of direction 

Decision making in the sensitive situations

Adapting to changing environment 

Attention and concentration

How will this program help improve my child’s performance in school? 

Answer:Exercising mental processing speed helps children think more clearly and quickly, improve reaction time and increase alertness and awareness. Having a better memory can help them remember names, find locations and recall important information more quickly and accurately.


All will have a positive impact on their self-esteem and dexterity to face the daily challenges.


Where is ALOHA taught? 

Answer:ALOHA is taught in school centers- public, private, private with public funding-, academies, community centers, sport clubs and associations which include the program as part of their curricular or complementary offer. 

What happens if ALOHA is not in my school center yet?

Answer:We recommend you to speak with Parent’s Association of your School or with the staff in charge of complementary activities from your Center to raise the possibility of including ALOHA among their educational offering. 

How long does the program last?

Answer:There is no specified time to complete all the ALOHA levels, each child will progress at their own pace depending on their needs. In any case, the expected average duration to finish the program is 4-5 years, although from the first 6 months the benefits of ALOHA are already noticeable.

What is the difference between ALOHA and other learning/tutorial centers?

Answer:ALOHA today have over 4,000,000 students in more than 40 countries throughout the world and the numbers are growing every day. Other learning centers focus on the learning through repetition, memorization and discipline. Abacus focuses on visual learning, problem solving and organization. Abacus strictly focused on mental math and a life skill of seeing the world through a mathematician’s eye.

What is the child’s right age to start learning the abacus? 

Answer:First, students should be able to recognize and write numbers from 1 to 9. Students starts at 4 to 13 years old and math proficiency are welcome to start their ALOHA abacus learning at any grade or learning level.

What techniques of calculations the abacus helps his/her child with?

Answer:If your child is using Singaporean, Traditional Math or basic and advanced math problems can be exactly solved with the help of Abacus, including the basic operation: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction, square root, cube root and others. Mental Math calculation also helps children to focus and concentrate in all subjects in elementary and high school, including, algebra and other advanced mathematics.

As a mother/father, I don’t have any idea about how to use the abacus, how can I help my daughter/son with his/her homework?

Answer:Trainers, Coaches of ALOHA focused on each student’s individual performance, and encourage him/her to do their homework without the help of parents so we can assess their skills and identify where they may need help. We only request to all parents that they will give their full support for your children to focus on doing their homework and encourage their learning journey. 

Is it true that learning the abacus enhances the concentration skills of a child?

Answer:Yes, Definitely! Good example is when you add and subtract the ten 2-digit numbers, you have to move the beads of the abacus approximately 30 times. If you are not careful and make even one mistake, your answer is wrong. So, it is vital to stay focused, which enhances concentration skills.

My child hates Mathematics so much. How can ALOHA help?

Answer:  Here in ALOHA, your child will rediscover math. Our ALOHA way of teaching helps your child be optimistic and most importantly, appreciate the value of math in our daily life and enjoy solving math problem in an easy way.

Are Computers and Calculators and other gadgets making the abacus outdated?

Answer:Our teaching philosophy around mental calculation controls the abacus to give our students essential problem-solving skills, helps build their focus, imagination, creativity, persistence and sense of accountability. This is lifelong learning that will help them compete globally and succeed individually in today’s and tomorrow’s world and without any electronic materials that can teach these skills.

Is it proven that the abacus can help to improve my child’s verbal skills across other major subjects?

Answer:Yes, Focus, self-confidence, creativity, imagination, time management, perseverance, organization and accountability are key to your child’s success in the classroom and beyond. Mom and Dad see their children more engaged with their school work with happiness with their      face and with relaxation not a stressful look across all subjects, better prepared for tests and a very good study habit shows and a high grade     and be overall more confident and successful than their peers.

How can I enroll my child in ALOHA?

Answer:Please Sign up online in www.alohaphilippines.com or visit the nearest ALOHA center near you and avail our 1hr FREE trial class and assessment for your child for the better understanding about the program. For other concern and question, you can call us or message as in our Facebook page ALOHA Philippines. 

How much is the payment for new student?

Answer: New Students need to pay for the One- Time Registration Fee of PHP 1,500 inclusive of materials: Abacus, backpack bag, uniform, ID case, lanyard and pencil. For the 3 to 4 Workbooks is php 1,500.

Course Fee: 2,500 is good for 8 sessions in a month and attendance must be monitored. Please advised us ahead of time for any absences or makeup classes. Old Student need to pay for 3-4 Workbooks or it depends on the books needed for their Level and a monthly Course Fee of php 2,500 good for 8 sessions.

How much is the payment for Returning student?

Answer:Returning Student needs to pay for 3to4 Workbooks or it depends on the books needed for their Level and a monthly Course Fee of php 2,500 good for 8 sessions.



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