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Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Most kids are not much of a fan of Mathematics these days. As much as possible, they try to avoid all situations that involves solving Math equations—no matter how hard or easy that is. They dread going to school knowing they have no choice but to deal with their Math subject, and feel bad when they fail another seatwork or activity.

Through these instances, the kid would grow up to believe that he is bad at Math and would often get discouraged to pursue a career which involves a lot of solving equations like Engineering, Medical professions, Architecture, and so much more. Math makes them nervous and this feeling of nervousness would even manifest itself physically on the child through excessive sweating, shaking, and shortness of breath.

This is what we call Math Anxiety. Anxiety is generally caused by fear of the future. The child would often overthink themselves into negative situations and would often feel uncomfortable in his environment. Now, a child’s Math Anxiety is triggered if they have experienced repeated failures in the past, along with a negative reaction to those said failures. After a certain amount of attempts to which they repeatedly failed, the child becomes agitated and nervous when confronted with the possibility or the actuality of doing a Math problem.

Often times, this Anxiety becomes worse when the child is under the impression that he or she is the only person in the room who is bad at Math. This is where they get discouraged to try again because they believe there’s no more room for improvement and can no longer do Math.

It becomes especially harder on the child when he or she cannot remember all the arithmetic tricks and ways their teacher has shown them. Too many teachers rely on different tricks and methods to teach Math but this would only result to a child’s incapability to hold so much information thus, they cannot remember every single trick and isn’t able to perform well in Math. This then triggers their Math Anxiety again.

But did you know that there is a way to show a student how Math and make it a lot easier for them to solve any equations? This method of learning is taught with the use of an Abacus. Several researchers have said that Abacus is the ultimate too for a child when learning Math and is widely successful at beating Math Anxiety among kids. An Abacus is a multi-sensory tool that engages a child’s brain at once. It allows a child to advance quickly in Math because it uses both hemisphere of the brain, making learning Math creative but logical as well.

A child who uses an Abacus as a method of learning sees and feels how numbers change and interact, making numbers their ‘friends’ and not their ‘enemies.’ It helps a child’s brain develop so they can do Math without the help of a calculator or a scratch paper. This way, they can solve simple equations mentally and as they progresses, they can even solve complicated Math problems too. Through this, a child’s confidence and understanding of Math is strengthened and they become more self-assured. Generally, they feel more secure when learning.

The Abacus is invaluable for every level of Mathematics. Students who are taught how to use the Abacus at a young age tend to advance quickly and understand Math concepts that are three to four years ahead of their grade. They can understand such advanced topic because of the logical and intuitive nature of the Abacus because it is simple, effective, and fun to use.

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