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ALOHA SPOTLIGHT: MATH ANXIETY among kids and how can ALOHA help them?

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Mommies, did you know that most of our kids are having a hard time solving Math problems because they’re scared of Math? This is what we call Math Anxiety.

Math Anxiety targets kids aged 6-13 years old and is often triggered when they are faced with intimidating numbers and confusing formulas. As a result, our kids tend to avoid any instances or situations that may involve solving Math equations. This is also the reason why most of our kids fail their Math subject which is important when learning.

But here’s the catch! Math Anxiety tends to stay with kids until they grow up. No, they don’t just magically disappear when they hit the age of 18 like most of us believe so. This is the main reason why most adults find it hard to solve basic math equations without the help of a calculator.

But what exactly is happening to our kids’ brain whenever they experience Math Anxiety?

Research says that the human brain can only retain and process a minimum amount of information through a system called working memory. Working memory is a part of the human memory system that helps us remember several information while thinking of other things simultaneously. This is most important when solving Math equations.

Suppose your kid is tasked to solve an equation. When this happens, your kid is supposed to hold all the numbers in that equation inside his head, consider the steps he needs to do to solve it, and write out the answer all at the same time. While some kids have it easier and can solve the problem easily in a matter of minutes, kids with Math Anxiety tend to consume some of their working memory because they feel anxious, so they don’t have enough working memory left to solve the equation.

As a concern mommy, what can we do to help our kids? You don’t have to feel anxious about it yourself because ALOHA Math Philippines got you covered! Unlike other learning centers, ALOHA teaches kids how to do Math the fun and easier way! In ALOHA, we don’t push your kids to solve overwhelming equations that may trigger their Math Anxiety but instead, we introduce Math with the use of Abacus. This way, we cater to their capabilities and relieve their anxiety while teaching them how to solve at the same time!

The Abacus is a widely successful tool at defeating Math Anxiety. For starters, it is a multi-sensory tool that engages many parts of the brain at once. It allows kids to advance quickly in Math through intuition. Kids who solve Math problems using the Abacus don’t only get the answers correctly, but they also understand how Math works because Abacus Math bridges the gap between the two hemispheres of the brain, allowing both creativity and logical thinking to flow, producing a more exercised brain.

In ALOHA, we believe that no one is bad at Math. They just haven’t discovered their full potential yet. So what are you waiting for? Enroll your chikiting with us, unleash their full potential, and make them Mental Math experts!

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