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Filipino Delegates Triumph Over 700 Competitors

It was with high hopes that we sent off our delegates to compete in this year’s International Competition, and it is with triumph that we welcome home our delegates.

For ALOHA’S 2019 International Competition, there was a clash of brilliant minds from 16 countries (Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Mexico, India, Russia, Cambodia, Portugal, Bangladesh, Panama, Spain, China, Ireland, Croatia, Malaysia, Ecuador and the Philippines), competing over who could solve 70 arithmetic equations the fastest. Out of the 20 delegates from the Philippines, 11 of them secured a spot from Champion to 3rd runner up.

As our delegates were warmly welcomed by the beautifully decorated venue, everyone could feel the spirit of good competition, all of them eager in representing their flag. Accompanying them in full support, was ALOHA Philippines’ CEO herself, Ms. Ivy C. Sato, and the company’s admin, Ms. Milone Coñiato.

The Winners

Our Champion, Desiree Ann Quebada, is a 12 year-old delegate from ALOHA’s partner school in Pulilan, Bulacan, Colegio de Santa Philomena. According to ALOHA Coach Crystel Mae Bacay, when Desiree first came, she saw that she was struggling but through the program she was able to complete 70 equations in less than 3 minutes with no sweat.

Proud of her student, Coach Crystel even admitted to tearing up once she heard the announcement – but it didn’t come as a surprise for her either.

Meanwhile, one of our 1st runner-ups is actually ALOHA Greenhills’ first ever student! He remained loyal all throughout the program, enjoying every learning moment he spent with the coaches. One of them, a dedicated woman named Maria Alyssa Reyes, commented that there was significant improvement in young Christoff Ang (the 1st Runner up). According to her, he is a jolly young child who persevered to keep answering as many questions as possible – especially when the competition was approaching.

ALOHA Pampanga also shows their pride and prowess through 6 year-old Ryan Warren Merdegia who won 3rd runner-up.

Through the guidance of the coaches, the effective methods of the ALOHA program, and everyone’s support, our ALOHA kids proved themselves brilliantly last July 20 against 700 others.

St. Francis de Asisi Montessori School in Plaridel, Bulacan, also one of ALOHA’s partner schools, had a 1st runner-up as well - a young 7 year-old named Rafael Joaquin Hernandez.

Both of the 2nd runner-ups are from Colegio de Santa Philomena, 9 year-old Niels Kristoff Laviña, and 11 year-old Joshua Angelo Concepcion Rañoa. They also have two 3rd runner-ups, 12 year-old Dustin Eryk Osorio Buhain, and 9 year-old Diane Nicole Cruz Allado.

St. Francis de Asisi Montessori School also has three 3rd runner-ups, 11 year-old John Vic Cabbuag, 12 year-old Jairus Yael Ignacio, and 6 year-old Aerin Faith Cayaba.

It counts as a big deal that all of these places were secured by Filipinos. According to the Global Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum for 2015-2016, we only rank 67 out of 140 countries in the quality of Math and Science Education, along with placing 34th out of 38 countries in the quality of secondary Math and Science Education according to the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study in 2003.

That being said, these delegates have proved that we can soar above others and be excellent in our endeavors, and that we as Filipinos are constantly improving and are capable of doing it exceptionally!

All of these young champions won not just for themselves or for their schools, but they won for us. This warrants recognition from all of us, so in light of this we would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who contributed, and to the students who gave their all.

Mabuhay Pilipinas! May our ALOHA journey continue.

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