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International Competition 2022, Merida, Mexico


International Competition 2022, Mexico. 29th October International Congress Center

The International Competitions are back with a BANG

Quintessence of Human Resilience

It was the dawn of a new horizon a new sunrise at Merida the capital city of Yucatan, Mexico on the 29th of October 2022, when the flags of participating countries fluttered for the first time ever at the ALOHA International Competition after three years of the pandemic. It was just not the renewed energy and spirits but the event also witnessed a skillful extravaganza of the entire ALOHA family amalgamated with the thumping performance of their students.

The unparalleled enthusiasm to keep the tradition of ALOHA alive was seen when nearly 500 students from different countries like Bangladesh, Panama, England, Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Portugal and Mexico came together to demonstrate their learnings and skills. Though a herculean task, ALOHA family extends its appreciation to all the students from its member countries for their relentless dedication and commitment to make this possible.

It was not business as usual on the 29th of October at the Yucatan International Convention Center. Reason being the chitter chatter, twinkling eyes, curious minds awaiting the opening of the gates right from 9:00 am.

Our Founder of ALOHA, Mr Loh, Kiran Motwani -Our International Director- and Kamal Motwani – Our International Commercial Director- kicked off the celebration as the clock struck 10:00 am. Their beaming smiles was a testimony of this great accomplishment and gratitude to all its ALOHA family members. The stage was shared by the vibrant Lic. Aldo Chew and his wife representing Mexico, as well as Luis Artunduaga from Ecuador, Antonio Moreno from Guatemala, Vanessa Campos, Adrián Cedeño y Frederick Roberts from Panama.

The traditional parade of the flags of the ALOHA family was yet again a cynosure to the eyes. We would like to place on records the participation of families from more than 45 countries who joined us virtually owing to visa issues. The dictum of ALOHA as a family was truly seen when the flags of these non-participating countries were also flying high with the same love and appreciation in the parade ceremony.

It was yet again a mind overwhelming feat by the students at ALOHA who amazed everyone by solving 70 arithmetic operations in just a span of less than 5 minutes. The awards and recognitions which followed was a demonstration of their extra ordinary skills. The families couldn’t just ask for more than this.

The Price Giving Ceremony started with the “Pok ta pok” performance a traditional Mayan game. The “Pok ta pok” is the Mayan name given to the ball game. It was played in teams, similar to volleyball, in which the ball was passed from one side to the other using only the hips, shoulders and elbows.

This was followed by the ceremonial “Color of the world” show, with 12 performances on board displaying the traditional dances from their country and region. The stage reverberated with music lights and tradition.

The city of Mexico also traditionally celebrates emblematic “Day of the Dead Festival”, a very peculiar way of celebrating life and thanking the ancestors for being part of life through this colorful and traditional festival. The participating ALOHA family members too had a glimpse of this festival. They also witnessed the traditional Catrinas parade and had a walk through the streets of Mérida to observe Mexicans in costumes dancing happily through the city center.

It was time to pull the curtains down at the ALOHA International Competition 2022. We look forward for yet again a successful season of awestriking skills at the ALOHA International Competition 2023 which is proposed to be held in Asia as formally announced by our International Director, Kiran Motwani.

Waiting to see you all there till then LET’S PRACTISE!


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