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Mommies! Do you want to help your child get ahead of the curve and a jump start on life? It’s not a question of if you want your child to succeed but it’s a question of how you can help. There has been remarkable progress shown with children who use the abacus and it’s not just with mathematics either. Children who are abacus students go on to have better confidence and can understand more about other subjects and studies.

When we hear the word ‘Mental Math,’ we immediately think of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of numbers in our heads, right? Mental Math is exactly like that! By definition, Mental Math is the ability of one person to solve Math equation without the use of calculator.

But did you know that being a Mental Math student is not only limited to being able to solve simple equations? They can also solve four to five digit equation in their head in seconds! The key is Abacus. When a child is an expert in using the Abacus, they are Mental Math experts too. They are able to do large calculations in their head with very little effort so they can spend more time tackling harder problems. These problems are often considered ‘advanced’ for their grade. Because they are advanced problems, they will continually be ahead of their peers.

So how exactly can we help our chikitings be a Mental Math expert? GET AN ABACUS! If your chikiting doesn’t know how to use an Abacus, teach them how to. ALOHA teaches Abacus to kids as young as 4 years old. The earlier a child learns how to use an Abacus, Math becomes less scary and overwhelming. ALOHA teaches your chikitings how numbers work together, they will understand numbers in a new way when they see, feel, and move them using the Abacus, thus, making it easier to solve Math mentally.

We’ve been going on about how ALOHA is helpful in making your chikitings love Math because of our method of teaching but we are more than capable of making Math fun. With Mathematics as its core subject, the comprehensive program is designed to target multiple intelligences of your child, which includes their IQ and EQ!

Through teaching the Abacus we are teaching your chikitings how to stay focused and disciplined when it comes to learning not only Math but among other subjects as well. Being a Mental Math experts have a lot of advantage. And ALOHA Mental Arithmetic is the only program that will give your child a lifetime and guaranteed results! So enroll your chikiting with us, unleash their full potential, and make them Mental Math experts!

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