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ALOHA has 3 Programs, catering to 3 different age groups






ALOHA Mental Arithmetic utilizes the abacus as a fundamental learning element, for their universality and easy handling for children of all ages. Children start to do math operations with the help of the abacus and gradually visualise the abacus in their brain doing math operations mentally.




It is a program aimed for preschool children to work different intelligences, taking the logical-mathematical as an axis. Kinder Tiny Tots is designed so that the student acquires all the necessary knowledge to obtain the maximum benefits of the ALOHA Tiny Tots program, all this bases on 3 key tools:

  • the abacus

  • multiple intelligences

  • mathematics

To work the 8 intelligences in the classroom will develop skills of all kinds, such as:

  • social skills

  • creativity

  • motor coordination

  • decision making

  • logic and problem resolution


Kinder Tiny Tots works with the emotional intelligence through a tool named "Wheel of emotions", where the students will identify and learn to self-regulate their own emotions and will communicate better with themselves and their environment.


Kinder Tiny Tots fuses the learning and use of abacus with the work of multiple intelligences, thus creating an integral and innovative educational program.


The children attend classes 2 hours a week, along with five to ten minutes a day of take home exercises. The children initially uses ABACUS as an ideal learning tool to teach fundamental Math. The activity-based materials encourage their minds to think in different possible directions.

The TinyTots program is divided into 10 levels, with each level having a duration of 3-4 months. Because this program is aimed at younger children, it is paced more slowly than our "KIDS" program. Many parents prefer the Tiny Tots program because children’s minds are more adaptable and impressionable at this age.


The "KIDS Program" is divided into 8 levels, with each level having a duration of 3-4 months. The children attend classes 2 hours a week, along with five to ten minutes a day of take home exercises.