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Awards, Discounts, and More! ALOHA Olongapo’s Recognition Day

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

After hours of travel from San Juan City, passing by what seemed to be never-ending fields of grass and trees, we were finally welcomed by the ALOHA team in Olongapo. It was the 1st of June, a warm and perfect Saturday for the recognition ceremony to be held in SM City Olongapo.

Though some students were only beginning to welcome academic work in school, ALOHA’s students kept their mind active in summer by enrolling in the Summer Workshop and the Level 1 Program. These were the kids who were about to receive their certificates, awards, and medals onstage in front of their beaming parents.

But apart from the usual ceremony formalities, the kids were given a chance to showcase their skills by answering arithmetic operations in front of everyone, with the 3 fastest who could answer receiving a discount for the program. Hands shot up fast in the air as they all raced to answer the questions.

Audience and passersby even stopped to see if they could keep up with their phone calculators, but it was evident with the awed look on their faces that our kids were exceptional in their speed.

They were also given a chance to buy great toys with their accumulated ALOHA money, which they receive as a rewards system during their classes. There were UNO cards, Monopoly Deal cards, Avengers keychains, Jenga, sticker sets, and so much more!

And for the first time ever, our kids also met Chico, our official ALOHA mascot, and got to hang out with him!

The event was also a time to launch our Kinder Tiny Tots program, catered for kids 4-5 years-old, designed not just to introduce mathematics, but also to improve emotional intelligence, with a curriculum that was designed to fit all 8 multiple intelligences. Our Kinder Tiny Tots program aims to bring out the multiple talents of your kids at an early age, as well as to foster it and encourage them in their growth.

As our ALOHA graduates snapped their final photos, and parents made their final thanks to the coaches, franchisee, and staff, it was apparent that it was a fulfilling and eventful day for celebrating yet another milestone in promoting the love of learning to the younger generation.

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