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What is Abacus?

With the emergence of plenty supplementary and after-school educational programs, every parent expects their children to add extra skills in their knowledge base. One such program that is widely picked up by parents around the globe is the Abacus, thus, the birth of various ALOHA Mental Arithmetic branches across the globe.

ALOHA Mental Arithmetic was born out of our desire to provide a quality deliverance of a novel and holistic brain development program aimed to help kids succeed by creating a strong educational foundation for life, as we introduce our own methodology in teaching which is by using the Abacus.

Undoubtedly, Abacus training has lots to offer to kids from age as young as 4 to 5 years old. But what exactly is Abacus? How does it contribute to our kids’ learning? Did you enroll your child to right Abacus program? This is what we’re going to talk about on today’s episode of #ALOHASpotlight.


There was a time in history when written numbers did not exist and the earliest counting device was the human hand and its fingers, their feet and its toes, capable of counting up to 10 things. Then, as even larger quantities were counted, various natural items like pebbles, sea shells and twigs were used to help keep count.

Merchants, or as we call businessmen today, needed a device to keep track of their inventory, thus, the birth of the Abacus—a rectangular device consist of beads which has its own place value.

As time evolved and gave way to modernity, the use of Abacus remained helpful in more ways than one. It evolved into electro-mechanical calculators, pocket slide-rules, electronic calculators, and now abstract representations of calculators or simulations on smartphones.

Essentially, Abacus paved the way to modern devices we use to this day to compute Mathematical equations and count multiple numbers. To this day, teachers and proctors uses the Abacus to effectively teach Math among kids as young as 4 years old.

As there is a rise in the demands of Abacus learning for kids, several mid or small sized companies evolved to cater to these demands. The sad part is that, some of these companies do not have the systematic course structure, certified trainers, requisite infrastructure and other necessary tools to cater the Abacus training to students.

With the sudden influx of learning centers that uses Abacus as a way of teaching, one of them being ALOHA Mental Arithmetic, we promote a stronger educational foundation for kids altogether—that being said, what makes ALOHA different from all the other learning centers across the country?

For one, ALOHA’s program is specifically developed and scientifically-proven to target your kids’ multiple intelligences that impacts both their IQ and EQ. Our whole brain development program promises lifetime results and gives them a higher chance to succeed as it opens so much opportunities in the future.

We are more than a learning center, we are a family willing to extend its helping hands to cater to your child’s needs and demands when it comes to learning.

Enroll your child with us and help us unleash their full potential!

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